Opening Hours:


Tuesday-Private lessons



Friday-Private lessons

Saturday-Private lessons


*Modified time slots for existing 


Wing Chun is an easy to learn martial art using body structure with a scientific approach to training.

Featuring no hard blocking, high kicks or brute force, you'll find this a practical form of street defence and general living.


Use your mind to create force with my specially designed visual exercises including pointing and visual force while learning the ability to use your eyes to send force.

Use your mind to create the movements while learning the theory on how things work!

Grading System

Grades 1>4 then levels-General class.

Sash system-Little Dragons.

Payment Method:
eftpos machine/cash/paypal
Flat rate to train once or twice per week.
Little Dragons: 45 minutes class
General class: 1 hour class
Training costs
3 months-
Little Dragons: $165-1 or 2 classes
General Class: $200-1 or 2 classes (1hour)
General class: $250-1 to 4 classes (1hour)

Scott Bollard Wing Chun Kung Fu

Licensed Affiliate of the International Wing Chun Academy

ABN: 83208007544-Reopening soon! Miranda-July 9th, Penshurst TBA